Technology is quickly advancing in the automotive industry. The majority of new cars are now equipped with GPS, anti-lock brakes, anti theft systems, curtain airbags, keyless entry & ignitions, four-wheel or all-wheel drive, as well as many other features. These technological advances have made cars much safer for consumers. Although they are very useful for the public, they have complicated the process of towing them when something goes wrong.

Cars that are four wheel drive or all wheel drive require a flatbed tow truck. Due to the fact that many cars now require a flatbed, the wait time for the truck to arrive has increase significantly. The process can also take more time & become more complicated if the car is located in a low clearance parking structure. Often, a flatbed tow truck is a larger truck than a traditional wheel lift tow truck, so it is harder to get out & secured onto the bed. SUV towing also often require a flatbed tow truck. Many SUV’s are equipped with four wheel drive. They also are taller, have a longer wheel base & weigh more than other vehicles so not all trucks can tow them. Click hereĀ towing waco

Cars that are equipped with curtain airbags or front airbags that are stored in the doors make it much more difficult to perform a lockout. A tow truck driver needs to be careful in how they perform the lockout & make sure the proper equipment is used. If someone that is not properly trained to use these tools tries to unlock their car, they can deploy the airbags & potentially cause injury. Vehicles that are equipped with anti-theft systems & keyless entry also complicate a lockout. Many newer cars do not have manual locks anymore so the only way to unlock the car is to maneuver the mechanism that lies within the door. Anti theft systems can prevent this mechanism from unlocking & allowing the doors to be opened. This situation also requires a professional who has been properly trained.